Building a Ground-Level Deck

Building a floating deck is a great strategy to implement when looking to avoid the permit application stage. Although these licenses don’t feature a complicated application process, they can take between two weeks and a month to acquire. If you’d rather not wait to start construction, you can choose to work on a ground-level deck.

Some of the issues to consider when hiring Porch Builders to build a ground-level deck include:

Choosing the Material

If you’re looking for a short timeline, working with wood can be a good way to accomplish this objective. This option can be easily manipulated and quickly set up with an experienced carpenter. Depending on the size and design involved, a wooden floating deck can be constructed in one or two days.

Identifying a Flat Surface

It’s essential to ensure the area involved represents a flat surface. You can accomplish this in several ways, including simply clearing the ground of rocks, grass, and other organic matter before raking it down to ensure levelness. You can also pour gravel over the area to prevent weeds.

Finding a Location

You should keep in mind that since a floating deck isn’t connected to the house, you have loads of flexibility regarding positioning. Building under the shade of trees, for example, is a good strategy when looking for a place to relax on sunny weekends. If you’re thinking about constructing a ground-level deck, call us today! Dexksos, your top-rated contractor!

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