Eco-friendly Decking Solutions

A great direction to consider when adding a deck to your home is the eco-friendly alternative. This approach not only enhances the curb appeal available but environmentally friendly solutions are designed to significantly enhance the resale value of your home.

Some popular eco-friendly decking upgrades you can integrate with Cambridge MA Deck Builders include:

Sustainable Material

The first element to consider with eco-friendly decking is the primary material used. Wooden decks should be sourced from reclaimed sources and properly treated to enhance longevity. Alternatives such as composite decking also represent a great choice as they don’t harm the environment and exhibit impressive levels of durability.

Target a Symbiotic Design

Your design should be developed to welcome a symbiotic relationship with its surroundings. You can choose to position your deck under a shade of trees to avoid direct sunlight without taking up more resources to build a shade. You can also add a variety of plants to enhance aesthetics and regulate your carbon footprint.

Use Eco-friendly Chemicals

It’s essential to consider any additional chemicals you introduce to the environment during repair and maintenance. Using non-toxic options when sealing your deck or integrating water-based stain is a good way to minimize pollution. For a wide range of eco-friendly deck solutions, call us today! Dexksos, your top rated contractor!

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