How to Keep Your Deck Code Compliant

Adding a deck to your home can be a great remodel project with multiple benefits. Most regions across the US require a permit for the construction of a deck. This approval is only given to designs that are compliant with the regulations stated in the International Building Codes (IBC).

Deck Height

The IRC states that you require a permit to build any deck that is 30 inches in height. You’re also required to install guardrails with any deck that reaches or surpasses this height (30”). The guardrails should be 36 inches in height from the top of the rail to the deck’s surface. These are the general heigh requirements in most states, barring California.

Ledger Specifications

The minimum size of a ledger has been prescribed as 2X8 by the IRC. Anything smaller will go against regulations codes. Deck repair and building specialists will also take care to use stainless steel or zinc-coated facets in their construction. This requirement is to prevent lags and screws from rusting due to external elements and corrupting the structure.

Stair Requirements

The minimum tread width implemented with your steps should be 10 inches. All treads should also portray a similar width, with a minimum difference of ⅜ inches between steps. The stairs should also exhibit a maximum rise of 4 inches. Hiring an established contractor will ensure your deck meets all the building codes required, so call us today! Dekxsos, your top-rated contractor!

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