Prepping your Deck for Winter

One of the primary responsibilities of maintaining your deck is considering the harsher weather of winter. Without the proper care, constant exposure to these extreme elements can lead to structural deterioration. It’s essential to ensure this area is well prepared for when the temperature drops.

Some effective ways suggested by most established Deck Repair services concerning prepping for winter include:

Direct Coverage

If your deck isn’t positioned at the front of the house and you can avoid the area, covering the surface with a tarp is a simple way of dealing with winter requirements. Taking this approach is advisable in areas that experience frequent long spells of rain or snow. However, it does set back the aesthetics.

Sealing your Deck

It’s crucial to seal your deck regularly when dealing with harsh weather. Wooden decks should be sealed every two to three years while staining the surface afterward offers additional protection. Failure to seal your deck will lead to water damage, rot, and splintering.

Salting your Deck

Salting your deck is a good way of dealing with ice and snow, but the particular reaction involved will depend on the deck’s material. Rock salt, for instance, is suitable for composite decking, but can be harmful to some wooden finishes. For deck-servicing provisions at affordable rates, call us today! Dexksos, your top rated contractor!

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