What to Ask When Hiring a Professional Deck Builder

If you’re planning on adding a deck to your house, hiring professional help is the best way to ensure quality and overall satisfaction. Some of the questions you should include during interviews when seeking reliable deck builders include:

Have you previously handled any domestic projects?

It’s crucial to know whether the contractor has worked on private residences before to ensure they know what to expect in a domestic setting. If a contractor has primarily worked on commercial ventures, they might not be mindful of aspects such as child safety, access needs, and neighbor concerns. The more experience they have with domestic settings, the better.

Are your employees insured?

Another element few people consider is the issue of liability when it comes to accidents. Although legally it would be difficult to lay the blame at your feet should a worker get hurt during construction, it could still happen. If the workforce is insured, however, there would already have medical coverage and wouldn’t bother to try to transfer the cost to you.

What is your general lead time?

Identifying how long a candidate usually takes with their deck-building projects can give you an idea of what to expect regarding potential timelines. This can help you develop an accurate schedule for the venture. Finding an established, family-friendly contractor is not an easy task, so why don’t you call us today! Dekxsos, your top-rated contractor!

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